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ProDNC DNC Software - Integrated Editor

In addition to transferring files, at some time or another, your operators will probably need to be able to edit an NC file. ProDNC has an integrated NC code editor that's much more useful than just a word-processor or notepad.

Editor Interface

As you can see, the main screen consists of the large icon buttons, menu items and a large editor window. We decided to keep the interface nice and neat, so although you can open multiple files into the editor, they are easily navigated by clicking the small TAB button below the file. We think this interface is much easier than having windows floating all over place.

The editor can open files as large as your computer resources will allow. If you are routinely editing files as massive as this, then you may well need to beef up your computers memory or it will become rather slow. There is no limit to filenames like it used to be with old DOS systems, and you can setup colored syntax highlighting for all block address words A to Z for nice and easy visualization of the code. You can print out in either color or black-and-white.

You can send whats in the editor window direct to your CNC from here (without the need to save the changes away).

In addition to all the standard editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, find and replace there are several more NC code specific tools, heres a brief run down...

  • Resequence your code. Each CNC can have its own setup so you are not constantly swapping settings between code.
  • Desequence your code to conserve memory on older CNC
  • Insert spaces between words to make code more readable
  • Delete spaces between words to conserve memory on older CNC
  • Reformat code so that you can alter the number of decimal places.
  • Math transformation of NC code, add, subtract, multiply and division of axes including mirroring, feed and speed override.