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ProDNC DNC Software - Standard Edition

Our dnc software has been designed to be really easy for shopfloor use; easy to use and easy to see by non-computer literate operators. Most of the vital DNC functions can be performed by function keys and the keyboard should your CNC operators be unused to a mouse - or simply because the computer area gets too dirty for one.

DNC file transfer via RS232 to any type of CNC is now easier and quicker than ever...

Screen Interface

As you can see, the main screen consists of the large icon buttons, menu items and a large CNC status area. ProDNC will support up to 64 DNC connections to your CNC machines, either in simultaneous mode (if you were to use multi-port serial cards) or in one-at-a-time transfer mode using switch boxes and a com port in your computer.

You can easily see the current transfer status of any of your CNC machines. If you don't need the 64 CNC machines you can easily hide them from view. That's as un-cluttered as your screen needs be, you can even minimize the dnc software so you can't see it at all.

Whilst setting up (or if you prefer to visually see your NC files whizz by) you can run any or all of the DNC transfers to their own DNC windows...

To speed up transfer further, you can suppress data scrolling, this will speed up transfer on older computers with low power graphics cards.

DNC Parameters

There are many RS232 and CNC parameter settings, here is a brief run down...

  • Baudrate from 150 to 115200
  • XON/XOFF , RTS/CTS and BOTH handshaking.
  • Heidenhain Blockwise dripfeeding to Heidenhain
  • Haas Xmodem for error free drip-feeding to Haas
  • Com1 to Com128.
  • ASCII/ISO and EIA character sets.
  • Send CNC control codes before and after CNC file.
  • Can send data block-by-block or as user-definable data packets; useful curing DNC overflow and for rapid file transfer.
  • Wait for XON before sending - great for Fanucs, just send the file and ProDNC will wait until you press INPUT at the CNC.
  • Wait button, essential if your CNC needs to see a remote-device online before it will go into INPUT mode.
  • User selectable end-of-block for send, user selectable or auto-detect end-of-blocks for received files.
  • List of preset DNC settings for many popular CNCs
  • Setup separate send and receive folders and file extensions so you can "quarantine" received files if you want to.
  • Easily setup RS232 CNC protocols with our built in Terminal mode especially for debugging CNC data.
  • Use our new DNC Wizard to quickly find out what the protocol of your CNC is.
  • Easy tool restart after a toolbreak. Start at the last known block sent or wherever.
  • Queue files to DNC with user definable repeat count.
  • Send and receive in binary mode - useful for offline storage and retrieval and CNC executive backup
  • Send man-readables to paper tape punch machines.
  • Audit trail all received files so backup copies are made of ALL received files - date & time stamped for easy analysis.
  • Side by side file compare
  • Copy and Paste DNC settings between CNC to save time.

List Of DNC Settings