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ProDNC Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will it work with Vista Win7 Win8 or Win10?

A. Yes! ProDNC is fully compatible running on Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1 & Win10 either in 32 or 64 bit mode. We no longer recommend using Windows 95 or 98.

** Vista Win7 Win8 & Win10 users ** if the program fails to load or expires immediately, we recommend you right mouse click the ProDNC icon and "run-as-administrator"

Q. Will ProDNC work with my CNC?

A. This is one of the most commonly asked questions. If your CNC supports the RS232 protocol, then yes it will. We even supply a list of predefined CNC templates to get you started for many popular machines. We do not support exotic proprietory protocols that are outside the scope of RS232, such as Heidenhain Blockwise, LSV2, Fidia, Mazatrol etc. Mazaks will work fine in EIA mode just like standard RS232.

Q. I receive files from my CNC and after a while the data is garbage then OK then garbage again.

A. You need to either turn off your communication port FIFO buffer or reduce the receive value to its smallest level. You access these by going into Windows Control Panel, Device Manager, LPT & Com Ports. Select your com port and click the advanced tab. Then turn off the FIFO option. You may need to do this for each of your com ports.

Q. I try and send or receive a file and all I see are XXXXXX.

A. ProDNC has expired. To purchase we need your computer software code. You get this by clicking the register icon and entering this info onto our webpage.

Q. I've purchased ProDNC but I haven't received anything yet.

A. We automatically generate your unlock information immediately after purchase. There may be a delay of a few minutes, but it will never be more than 10 minutes. If you have an AOL or similar freebie email address, then we have recently noticed that their e-mail filters are actually blocking e-mails coming through. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER AFTER PURCHASE.

Q. After I receive the unlock code it does not register.

A. Please follow the instructions in our e-mail that we send you after purchase. You have to do it in a specific sequence. We have never had a code fail, we are afraid it is always down to incorrect input or failure to follow our instructions. When you click the license download link we send, you are directed to an installation page with full instructions on what to do.

Q. I need to change computer will the software code still work?

A. No it won't, however we are happy to replace the code.

Q. ProDNC changes my system date format : Why?

A. We may, under certain circumstances, change the system date to a universal format whilst it is in demo mode. This is because some formats behave in an unpredictable way. If this happens, then once you have loaded ProDNC a couple of times and you change the format back to your normal format, ProDNC changes it only whilst it is running, and it swaps it back when you close it down. Once you are registered it no longer changes the date at all, so it is always what you want even when running.

Q. I want to run ProDNC on more than one computer, can I copy ProDNC onto more than one computer with a single license?

A. You need a license for every computer you run ProDNC on (just like virtually EVERY other software product anywhere). We look at it this way, if you made 100 parts for one of your customers, would you charge him for 1 part or for 100 parts? We think you'd charge for a 100 rather than 1 and give away the other 99 for free! Same for us really...

However, we have price breaks and we offer excellent discounts for multiple licenses.

Please make sure you have read our software EULA before you purchase. If you purchase our software, you are deemed to have read and accepted this agreement.

Q. Which languagues do you support ?

A. English only at the moment.

Q. Why isn't my USB to Serial adapter working?

A. Since the release of Windows XP and laptop manufactures often only installing USB ports, users are finding that a USB to serial adapter is the only way they have to communicate with their CNC machines. Unfortunately many manufacturers of USB to serial adapters are not 100% compatible and communication to their CNC machine is either unreliable, very slow, or limited to one way transfer.

The good news is that Windows 8 and Windows 10 has seen a vast improvement in the quality of drivers written for many USB to RS232 adapters, and many are now very good indeed. If you buy the real cheapo ones off ebay, then as often as not you are asking for trouble and it's the luck of the draw.

For laptops you could also use a PCMCIA or Express card to RS232 serial adapter, they are often superior. Unfortunately they are becoming harder to find but you can often pick up legacy devices off Ebay for peanuts.

Q. Will I receive a nice product box with CD and printed manuals?

A. ProDNC is only available by electronic download only, that's one reason how we keep our prices so keen, so you will not receive any physical media. We do however e-mail you a sales receipt in the same e-mail that you receive your licence.