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ProDNC DNC Software - DNC Wizard

DNC Wizard
If you are unsure about your CNC baudrate and parity protocol settings, and your CNCs end of block characters, then ProDNC can easily autodetect these out by using the DNC Wizard.


Step 1 : Select the CNC you want to analyze...

Step 2 : ProDNC will automatically detect all your PC serial ports. Simply select the COM port you want to use.

Step 3 : You should now take a guess at the CNC range. (ProDNC will cycle through all ranges, its just quicker if you have a rough idea)

The vast majority of CNC machines will fall into the Average category, between 2400 and 9600 baud. Slow is between 150 and 1200 baud (and in general is a much older CNC), whilst the Fast category is between 19200 and 115200 baud (in general a much more modern CNC).

Step 4 : You should now send out a file FROM YOUR CNC back to the computer and let ProDNC cycle through the protocols, you will see garbage data gradually be replaced by legible data.

Step 5 : When detection has happened, you will go to this screen. You can then click "Store Settings Away" or click Cancel.