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Sending Files Using Remote
To send a file from your computer to your CNC you simply store a small program in your CNC memory that contains instructions inside it that tells ProDNC what to do and which filename to do it to. So, one of the simplest examples that we always use is this

(/GET 1000)

The /GET instructs ProDNC that you want to get a file. The 1000 means that you want to get file 1000.

You OUTPUT this little program out through the RS232 of your CNC and then immediately press INPUT on your CNC. ProDNC gets the file you sent out, interprets it and a short while later it sends file 1000 (from the folder you specify in the setup and with the file extension from the setup) back to the CNC.

The next time you want to get a different file, say 2000, then you edit the same small program in your CNC memory to

(/GET 2000)

And repeat the procedure.

If your CNC cannot use comments, then you can use one of the axis words, so


Will work equally as well. Don't forget though, that if you can't use comments, you cant use letters, you are stuck with numeric filenames.

Each CNC machine inside ProDNC has its own default send and receive folders. However you can setup to 10 different aliases to alternative folders and file extensions, and the syntax is really easy.

Say you want to get the file "\\mainwin2000\c\prodnc_sax_comm-remote\1000.txt" then all you would have to do is use this command.

(/GET 1000.1)

The .1 aliases to the full UNC path, its dead easy and very flexible.

The above is only a sample example, it does NOT have to be /GET, it could be just GET, or G, or DOG or N1, it does not matter as long as both the CNC program and the commands are the same, it is extremely flexible in its formatting capabilities.