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ProDNC DNC Software - Standard Edition

Editor Windows
As you will see, ProDNC is designed with ease of operation in mind. The editor allows you to have multiple file windows open. To select each of these windows you click its tab at the bottom of the window. This allows easy navigation through all your windows whilst the screen remains uncluttered - there aren't windows floating about all over the place....

In addition you can send the file thats in the editor direct to your CNC, even if you have made edits and not saved it away yet. You can also select a different CNC by clicking the Send icon's drop down menu and selecting the CNC you want to use.

If you create a new file, each one is called "Untitled 1" "Untitled 2" etc. You can type into this as normal. If you make any changes at all to any file, when you close the file or exit ProDNC, you will be prompted if you want to save the changes away.

The editor functions are accessed by the main menu items.

To open an existing file click the "Open" button. You can select either single or multiple files from the dialog box. If you select a file that is already open in the editor window it will not be opened again. The default folder you see will depend upon the settings you have chosen. You have the option to "Always Default To Send & Receive Folders" in the "CNC Settings". If you select this then you will always open into the "Send Folder" and be able to select files that have the default "Send Extension". This makes it easier to always be in exactly the right CNC folder viewing the correct files for that CNC as most users have different folders for different CNC machines or maybe different file extensions for different customers.

If you right click the mouse you have the ability to select the main functions such as cut,copy paste etc...

ProDNC keeps track of the last four files that you had open in the editor

Editor Colors
You can customize the look of the editor, for example you can change the background color, the text color. In addition you can colorize the coding so that each word in your NC code block appears in a different color. This makes picking out selected code very easy.

Editor Tools
Along with simple editing, cutting and pasting etc. you have the ability to perform NC code specific actions on your code. These are...

  • Resequencing

  • Desequencing

  • Insert Spaces

  • Delete Spaces

  • Remove Blank Lines

  • Reformat NC Code

Printing is WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get, so you print out in the same font and fontsize as appears on screen (as long as your printer can support this font - some old dot-matrix printers may not). You also have the choice to print in either Black on White or in Color.