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ProDNC DNC Software - Standard Edition

Our dnc software has been designed to be really easy for shopfloor use; easy to use and easy to see by non-computer literate operators. Most of the vital DNC functions can be performed by function keys and the keyboard should your CNC operators be unused to a mouse - or simply because the computer area gets too dirty for one.

DNC file transfer via RS232 to any type of CNC is now easier and quicker than ever...

Screen Interface - DNC

As you can see, the main screen consists of the large icon buttons, menu items and a large CNC status area. ProDNC will support up to 64 DNC connections to your CNC machines, either in simultaneous mode (if you were to use multi-port serial cards) or in one-at-a-time transfer mode using switch boxes and a com port in your computer.

You can easily see the current real-time transfer status of any of your CNC machines. If you don't need the 64 CNC machines you can easily hide them from view. That's as un-cluttered as your screen needs be, you can even minimize the dnc software so you can't see it at all.

Screen Interface - Editor

In addition to the DNC tab, you can edit files at the same time as sending DNC files.

The editor has fully customisable color coded text specific to Gcode, and has several tools such as resequence, desequence and axis transformation of code.

You can easily send whatever is in the editor by simply clicking the Window icon. You can sedn the full editor window, send from current cursor position, or step from current cursor position.