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CNC Data Capture

Typically, this is ASCII text output through CNC macro functions, for example a DPRINT DPRNT Fanuc Macro-B, sent out via the CNC RS232 and captured by ProDNC. The preset string of characters output from a CNC control tells ProDNC to go into Monitoring mode, then listen and print all subsequent DPRNT output, and then end monitoring mode.

On many CNC, including Fanuc, Haas, Mazak etc, you can output text strings, usually created via a macro function, or just static text strings that are output through the CNC's RS232 port. ProDNC can pick these up and output them to a file.

A very simple example macro program is shown below

% O9030

Macro programs are normally above O9000


This statement opens the Fanuc serial port


Output the Monitoring start word

....Rest of Macro...



This output is captured and shows "TOOL12"

....Rest of Macro...



This output is captured and shows "PART2"

...Rest of Macro...



Output the Monitoring end word


Close the Fanuc serial port


End the sub-routine



Many macros can gather tool calls, parts counter and many other useful data automatically, which can be output, and the data viewed later for statistical purposes.

Each DPRNT statement can be date & time stamped, and each CNC has it's own separate capture file which can either be appended for each session, or it can be restarted for every program.