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ProDNC DNC Software - Standard Edition

The problem that you have is deciding on the CNC protocol and making sure that ProDNC uses the same settings (except Mazak and Mitsubishi)

Then you need to check whether the cable connection is OK between your computer and the CNC. We always advise people that they should SEND from the CNC back to the PC first. This is because our software if far more tolerant of data errors than your CNC could be.

The Debug Window is great for checking the connection and watching the data come in. You can see straight away if you have the protocol correct, simply because it will look legible. If there is no data, check your cable and connectors first - is it in the correct port ?

To determine the type of debug, select from the Debug icon, drop down menu and the changes will appear on the fly

Debug Codes 0-31
All data that has ASCII betweem 0 and 32 will be shown like this <0=NUL><13=CR>

Debug End-Of-Blocks
Only end-of-block characters will be shown as sequences. You will see something like <13=CR><10=LF> as a repeating pattern making it dead easy for you to decipher what the sequence is

Show As Recieved
All data, with the exception of <0=NUL> will be shown exactly as sreceived. So if your CNC only uses LF as end-of-block it will appear as one long continuous load of data

Show With Best End-Of-Block
ProDNC tries to get the best end-of-block on the fly and so the data should appear normally each block on its own line